The holy month of Ramadan has just started. According to Islamic belief, it commemorates the first revelation of the holy Koran to Prophet Muhammad.

Muslims fast during this month…from sunrise to sunset… so as to equalize everyone before themselves and before God. The Iftar meal is a celebration every evening…with family, friends and neighbours.

The pre-sunrise (sahour) and post sunset (iftar) meals comprise of dates, nuts, dried fruits, fresh fruits, sherbet, salad veggies, halal meats, haleem, assorted kebabs, different types of breads and a wide array of sweets.

Fasting can be good for health provide excess food…esp fried, is not consumed during iftar and sahour. The human body has certain regulatory mechanisms that get activated during periods of fasting. If you are fasting during this month and maintain a balanced diet you will continue to stay active and healthy. Health problems arise during this month only if food is consumed in excess thereby making the diet unbalanced…or if sleep is not sufficient. This could lead to dips in blood sugar levels and dips in blood pressure during the day…and the reverse happening once the fast is broken each night.

Some simple guidelines to stay healthy during this holy month of Ramadan:

  • Eat a light sahour (pre sunrise) meal comprising of freah fruits, milk, oats, cereal, bread etc
  • Eat sufficient amounts of carbohydrate and fiber-rich foods which provide vitamin B and keep you full.
  • Eat adequate amounts of raw veggies and fresh fruits to provide the vitamins and minerals needed by your body.
  • Drink water to hydrate your body from sunset till sunrise… avoid aerated beverages and caffeine which dehydrate the body.
  • Avoid fried foods and spicy foods…you do not want a spike in your cholesterol levels post fasting…nor do you want to suffer from hyperacidity through the day.

Do some light form of exercise like stretching or walking.
As-Salaam-Alekum… ” May peace be upon you”
Stay blessed with good health ….always!!!

Warm regards,

Charmaine D’Souza


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