What Our GHA Clients Say

As a fitness enthusiast, I strive to maintain my energy levels. Charmaine has helped me do so. Her book will be a ready reckoner for all those looking to stay fit and healthy.”

– Anita Dongre, Fashion Designer, Mumbai

“Charmaine’s powder remedies are magical as they cure and improve any specific ailments which need to be addressed, while also working on the individual’s general well being.”

 – Apoorva Mehta, CEO, Dharma Productions, Mumbai

“It has been my privilege to have known and worked with Charmaine for seven years. Her nutrition plans helped me restore my hormonal balance without the use of any allopathic medication, and helped me maintain good health through and after my pregnancy. What I enjoy most about working with Charmaine is that she makes use of everyday kitchen ingredients as dietary supplements and works with your dietary preferences to improve your overall health and well being.”

– Ashika Pohoomul Mehta, MSW, Mumbai

“Charmaine’s naturopathy therapy helped me stay fit and glowing all through my pregnancy.”

– Ekta Raheja, K. Raheja Universal, Mumbai

Charmaine’s programme worked like magic for me. I met her on November 30, 2007, and by October 2008, I had lost 19 kg! Isn’t that magic?.”

– Hiroo Yash Johar, Producer, Dharma Productions,Mumbai

“I started using Charmaine’s remedies eighteen months ago, and mentally and physically, I have never felt better. She has a very natural approach to things and it is refreshing and comforting. With my cholesterol levels under control now, I am focusing on monitoring other problem areas. It’s been a life changing experience.”

– Kajal Fabiani, Jewellery Designer, Spain

“My passion, which happens to be fashion, has governed my life to the exclusion of everything else, for over a decade. Suddenly, one day, I actually saw myself in the mirror and could not recognize my own reflection! Physical beauty, as much as clothes, holds tremendous importance to me and my own appearance was belying this very fact. It was imperative for me to get back into shape and that too, super fast! Having heard really good things about Charmaine’s work in the field of nutrition and naturopathy, I decided to get in touch with her. Believe me, it’s been an incredible journey toward a fitter me.”

– Manav Gangwani, Couturier, Delhi

“Charmaine has helped both of us regulate and create balance in our systems with her natural approach and remedy. We feel our ailments have come under control under her guidance and supervision.”

– Nayana and Shailendra Singh, JMD Percept, Mumbai

“Charmaine is the queen of nutrition. She knows it all. She has helped me lose a lot of weight and keep a balance of all my blood levels.”

– Nitasha Nanda, Escorts Group, Delhi

“Charmaine helped me lose all my pregnancy weight and achieve my target!.”

– Riddhima Kapoor Sahni, Designer, Delhi

“I have been on Charmaine’s powders for over six months now and I am pleased to say that she has made me feel healthier, more energetic and glowing!.”

– Roopa Fabiani, Fabiani Group, Mumbai

“My mundane kitchen ingredients turn into miracle cures with Charmaine’s magic!.”

– Sarita Garware Ramsay, JMD Garware Group, Mumbai

““Charmaine is my 911 any time I’m sick, even before I call my doctor. And she always comes to my rescue. I run all my medical prescriptions by her and she has a natural solution to everything! I’ve been with her for years now. She has helped me through so many health issues, taught me to eat right and think healthy! And the best part is that she is so accessible-always responsive, no matter where she is. I carry her powders and water infusions all over the world, and they have worked wonders for me.”

– Suman Manghnani, Hotelier, Mumbai

“Charmaine has been a blessing-keeping us healthy with natural inputs and away from tabs and pills. Her friendly and accessible nature makes the relationship fun and productive. Charmaine is now a friend, necessity … addiction.”

– Sumi and Jaspal Bindra, Group ED and CEO, Standard Chartered HK

Jaspal Bindra (2)

“Charmaine has helped me and my family maintain good health over the past few years. Her simple and practical diet plans, therapeutic waters, and spice mixes have helped ensure good blood reports and overall fitness despite our hectic lifestyles and travel schedules.”

– Swapnali Bhosale Kadam, ABIL Group, Pune

“Charmaine is my godsent angel who with her vast knowledge of naturopathy has healed me and my family. I needed to heal quickly post my operation and wanted to get there naturally. Charmaine guided me through this with her expertise, patience, love, and care. I am forever grateful to her. She continues to look after me and my family in our daily stress-filled lives, building our immunity and helping in our mental and physical well being.”

– Vaibhavi Merchant, Bollywood Choreographer, Mumbai Chartered HK

“Meeting Charmaine changed my concept of long term medication altogether. By sheer coincidence I discovered I had thyroid disorder. Her fascinating yet purely SPICY medication was just the most amazing. I have ever experienced. I followed it like the bible and now I am as good as new (which my endocrinologist said would be lifelong and so would the medication). Thank you Charmaine!.”

– Zahra Morani, Cineyug Production, Mumbai

“Charmaine’s plan for good health is like magic. I was amazed when I first met her and was given a plan of natural herbs and spices to cure me of my hormonal imbalance. Within six months I was cured without having to put chemicals into my body. Charmaine’s natural spices, that I put together in my own kitchen, was like a magic potion…really a big blessing in my life. I no longer need to deal with side effects of dangerous tablets because I have cured myself the natural way. I intend on following her plans for the rest of my life so I look and feel healthy inside out!.”

– Zoa Morani, Indian Film Actor, Mumbai Chartered HK

“I have been using Charmaine’s spice mixes for years now. They literally are my oxygen. Charmaine has the insight, expertise and wisdom to heal even the most difficult and complex health issues. She inspires such confidence in me that I trust her more than any medical doctor or anyone else. Charmaine’s empathy and compassion help me remain calm and grounded, even when the going gets really tough. I am so overjoyed that she has shared her unlimited knowledge and experience in The Good Health Always Cookbook, which is a must-have on every bookshelf. With this treasure of herbs, spices and vegan recipes, one can easily create and concoct delicious meals with a twist. That too with zero food wastage, healthy choices and, most importantly, by taking full charge of one’s own well-being.”

– Nadya A. Rahimtoola, Author, Psychotherapist, Motivational Speaker, Karachi

“Congratulations, Charmaine, for the 30 years of untiring service to humanity. Double congratulations to you as Charlyene and Savlyene have co-authored the third book, The Good Health Always Cookbook. All praise to our awesome and living God for gifting you with talents that help you as a family to be at the service of humanity at large. It is God’s desire that we care for our bodies and eat nutritive foods to remain healthy. God bless you all abundantly.”

– Bishop Anthony Rebello, Botswana, Africa

“Charmaine is a health magician. Her simple, easy-to-put-together healing recipes are super effective. You feel the benefits immediately-less bloating, more energy and a feeling of vitality. Within a few days the weight comes off, your skin becomes brighter and your organs are totally revitalized. And the best part, all the ingredients are so easily available. Charmaine rocks!.”

– Hanut Singh, Contemporary Jewellery Designer, Delhi Speaker, Karachi

“Charmaine has truly been a delight. She not only positively influences your body with the simple, easy-to-make plans for you to heal, but also makes you look at good health as something natural and necessary.”

– Priyanjili Goel, Fashion Designer, Delhi

“Charmaine D’Souza is a powerhouse of naturopathy.”

– Padmini Kolhapure, Indian Film Actor, Mumbai

“Charmaine Ma’am has been looking after our family’s health for some time now. Her recipes have always been effective and doable … With Charmaine Ma’am’s new book, I am sure we are in for a wonderful surprise, finding bits and pieces which can be used in our stocks, dips, sauces and many more! She introduces us to not only Indian but to a world of different cuisines.”

– Michelle Seo, Restaurateur, Delhi

“Charmaine is a magician. Her scientific approach in treating every morsel of food one eats towards healing an ailment or losing weight works wonders. Results are seen within two days of following the diet by even around 80 per cent. She even has a solution to a cheat meal! I am thankful to her for keeping me and my family healthy.”

– Kavita Barjatya, Director, Film and TV Producer, Mumbai

“Being a mum to two little boys who are so full of energy, I have to constantly be at my fittest best. I started Charmaine’s programme even before the birth of my second son and I’m glad to say I have been able to stay healthy and active despite my hectic schedule. I want to continue Charmaine’s magical powders as not only do they help in weight loss but also with overall detoxification and cleansing of the system.”

– Kaykasshan A Patel, Indian Film Actor, Mumbai

“We always believed in the benefit of natural elements, but discovered the magic of herbs and spices when we met Charmaine two years back in Mumbai. The mix prescribed is now one vital part of our life and keeps us happy and healthy in more ways than one. Thank you, Charmaine.”

– Promita and Sanjay Thapar, CEO, Media Business Head, Delhi

“I have been interacting with Charmaine for the last 10 years. I have found her diet extremely effective–it keeps my body light and energetic throughout the day. She is a wonderful person and has a remedy for all health matters.”

– Rajesh Jaggi, Partner, Everstone Capital, Mumbai

“We live in a superfast, advanced environment and have surrendered to artificial methods of survival with multiple side effects. It is high time we return to our traditional Indian methods of treatment. This is exactly what Charmaine does. She guides us to regain the natural immune system of the body so that we are able to fight disease through common herbs and spices found in our very own kitchen. I congratulate Charmaine D’Souza for her in-depth and extensive study on Indian herbs. I recommend her books to all those who are interested in a healthy body and long life. Wishing all the readers great health in abundance.”

– Dr Atta F Khatri, Family Physician, Mumbai

“I call Charmaine my earth angel. In spite of not having a genetic history or any serious health problems, my erratic work schedule had affected my overall health and well-being. Allopathy could not cure my deficiencies or take care of the root cause of my hormonal imbalance which had altered my personality. Charmaine helped me get back my energy levels and restore my imbalances which were causing an upheaval in my whole system. I can actually feel and see the dramatic changes as I keep following her instructions as she fine-tunes my health back to its ideal condition. Her genuine interest and enthusiasm in me and all her clients getting well is touching and I have absolute faith that I will achieve all my health parameters with her gentle, professional, and consistent guidance. She is kind, discreet, and compassionate and has a magic touch. I have absolute faith that not just me but anyone who takes her assistance will always go back with positive results. In complete gratitude of a miracle called Charmaine and of her inspiring work.”

– Kavita Kapoor, Media Professional

“Charmaine has been helping us with our diet plans and spice mixes for many years. This has made us feel healthier, more energetic, and fit. The fact that the ingredients for the spice mix come from our own kitchen and that the spice mix is also made in our kitchen adds to the appeal of her nutrition programme. Health=Happiness=Charmaine D’Souza.”

– Naveen Agarwal, Chairman, Sesa Sterlite Limited

“Charmaine has turned our health around. Her holistic approach and kind manner has helped us sustain the programme on which she has put us. We credit our well-being to her and wish her more success in the future.”

– Rupal and Vishad Mafalal, Arvind Mafatlal Group, Mumbai

“I have been following Charmaine’s prescribed course of spice mixes since The past two years. I have had amazing results with my diabetes management. Despite my hectic work schedule, I have been able to control my blood sugars well . I just follow her prescribed dosage of spice mix: The powder which is made in my kitchen has miraculous healing and rejuvenating powers. She has been able to treat many of my ailments as well as those of my family members. I am glad to have been introduced to her line of treatment. May God bless her so that she continues this journey to help mankind maintain health and fitness.”

– Ripudaman Gupta, Tech Director, Kundan Industries Ltd, Mumbai

“Charmaine’s simple yet extremely effective remedies use ingredients which are found in our kitchen and transform them into a wonderful and energizing mixture. Charmaine is a genuine person who has made a difference to my well-being! Now, not a day goes by when I don’t have her mixtures.”

– Shalini Jalan, Director, Neo Foods Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore

“Charmaine’s mixes have worked fundamentally in keeping me in the pink of health over the past few years. I recommend her all the way.”

– Kanika Agarwal, Bhoruka Group, Bangalore

“I was fortunate to come across Charmaine when I needed help with my health. My energy levels were very low, even though I felt I was doing everything correctly. As I tend to favour all things natural, Charmaine’s holistic approach to health and healing was just what I was looking for. The therapeutic waters and spice mixes have definitely helped improve my energy levels. Her advice is easy to follow and she is always accessible, should you need her. I continue to follow Charmaine’s programme to help obtain optimal health.”

– Jayshree Babani, Perfect Vision, Dubai

“When a mutual friend graciously introduced me to Charmaine, her reputation as a naturopath nutritionist had already preceded her. Even so, the results I got in just a couple of months were extraordinary. I couldn’t believe that simple homemade powders of spices and herbs could work such wonders. My overall health has improved vastly and multiple issues have all been taken care of successfully. It is very impressive. She studies each individual case with such dedication and commitment, putting her heart and soul into it, that I believe that she is blessed by God’s grace. Her knowledge of nutrition and spices is nothing short of amazing. She is a panacea of wellness. I sincerely urge others to take advantage of her knowledge which she has graciously shared through her books. She is God’s gift to our community and deserves all the recognition possible.”

– Vincent Mathias, Founder Chairman, Christian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mumbai

“Charmaine knows all the one-of-a-kind, secret, natural, innovative remedies that can easily be incorporated into one’s daily life. Completely different from what you would expect! Makes you feel naturally fit and healthy.”

– Viveka Narang, Director, Narang Group, Mumbai

“For more than one year, we have been taking Charmaine’s herbal mix which we make in our kitchen. With her simple and easy-to-use remedies, she has brought about a very positive change in our health. It has helped us in boosting our immunity, better digestion, good sleep, and good general health.”

– Darshana and Suresh Gupta, Managing Director, Radiant Luxury Developers Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai/b>

“Charmaine’s therapeutic method has been the best thing that I have experienced to improve my health. It is organic and natural and is made by my staff in my kitchen. My cholesterol, diabetes, and the rest of my blood profile has been well taken care of, despite my inability to fully comply with the regimen because of my work. For this, I am ever grateful to her.”

– Uma Agarwal, Bhoruka Gases, Bangalore

“Over the past 20 years, at different times of medical need, I’ve benefited from complete cures based on Charmaine’s natural and holistic approach to nutrition. Most recently, her prescribed regimen normalized my diabetic fathers HbA1c levels improving his quality of life. My faith in Charmaine continues to grow every day.”

– Ritika Jain Ghai, Interior Designer, New York

‘’When I speak about Charmaine to my family and friends, I speak from the heart.I suffered from an infection for over two years. I went to India’s best doctors and took every antibiotic they gave me. I was left weak and feeling little better than when I started the treatments. My sister Poonam introduced me to Charmaine and insisted I give the treatment a go which I did. I only tried Charmaine’s powders because I was reporting to my sister about my health on a daily basis. Today her introduction to Charmaine is something I thank her for almost every month. After a couple of weeks, Charmaine’s gentle powders started making me feel so much better. Charmaine explained that it wasn’t an infection I had but an imbalance inside me. The two liters of water with these interesting smelling powders slowly but surely took away the infection and I began to feel so much better. Today I can lead a normal life because of this miracle worker who I think has magic in her hands. I recommend her to everyone I meet because I strongly believe that some people are just blessed with the ability to make people well. Charmaine I congratulate you on these 28 years and I pray you have 28 more. I would have been a very very sick person had we not met.’’

Adv. Ambika Hiranandani, Animal Rights Activist, Mumbai.

“When I first met Charmaine, she was already helping my family members and some of my employees stay fit and healthy. Encouraged by my wife with whom I had shared my personal decision, I decided to try out Charmaine’s “Good Health Always’ programme. She explained to me that even though I had access to the finest medical care, my health still required my own personal attention and effort. Among other measures, she formulated a healthy eating pattern for me to enable me to stay fit and energetic and continue to enjoy the work that I do, as well as, hopefully, set an example for my team.”

– Naresh Goyal Chairman, Jet Airways

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