Having cardiac disease, diabetes or trying to lose weight is hard enough. Trying to manage your cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels or weight during the festival season is sometimes harder. My patients often ask if they can have ‘cheat days’ when they can consume, albeit in moderation, one of their favourite foods. Something they can tuck into without it doing much harm to their cholesterol or blood sugar levels…or to their body fat percentage. It is indeed very hard for them when there is a special occasion and there is yummy but unhealthy food everywhere…and they can only eat the salad options. I tell them to indulge in moderation and then consume an additional amount of their spice mix. They have to remember that this does not give them ‘carte blanche’ to over indulge all the time. If you are not on the spice mix, have a tsp of cinnamon and fenugreek seed powder, increase your exercise activity and carefully monitor your blood parameters.

This guide should help you:

1 fried samosa- 25 min slope walking
1 serving sev puri- 30 min on the treadmill
1 serving chaat- 1 game of tennis
1 small packet of wafers- Climb up 8 floors
1 bowl popcorn- 15 min skipping
1 small bowl farsaan- 2000 steps in the balcony
1 serving fried pakora- 45 min cardio
1 batata wada- 30 min football
1 serving bhajia- 30 min zumba
2 slices veg pizza- 25 min bollywood dance
1 chocolate brownie- 1 hour treadmill
1 scoop of icecream- 40 laps in the pool
1 piece of burfi- 30 min spot jogging
1 ras malai- 2 games badminton
1 gulab jamun- 30 min jog
1 slice fruit cake- 100 jumping jacks
1 peg of whiskey- 1 hour brisk walk
1 pint beer- 80 laps in the pool
1 glass of wine- 1 game of squash
1 glass of iced tea- Climb up 10 floors

It is important to test your blood sugar levels post exercise and post indulgence.

Have a happy Diwali !!!
Stay blessed with good health….always !!!

Warm regards,

Charmaine D’Souza


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