At GHA, we actively work on redefining the term ‘good health’ as not just being a state of complete physical, emotional and mental wellbeing but we also relate to it in terms of corporate wellness, employee engagement, more efficiency and increased productivity. Corporate good health and wellness can be a major business strategy for increasing organizational effectiveness.

With the modern sedentary lifestyle so prevalent in our urban lives, taking care of our health is even more important these days, and prevention is always better than looking for a cure. When you opt for our GHA Corporate Health Workshops, your employees will have access to science-backed information on how to improve their personal health using simple ingredients from their own kitchens.

Charmaine and her team possess a wealth of experience in holistic health building and maintenance. This allows us to build a strong rapport with your employees and support them at all stages.

Our health talks and workshops are customer-driven to target optimal health and vary from topics like General Health and Fitness Maintenance, to Emotional Health & Diet and much more. You may also contact us for further information or customized needs.

Our workshops and talks can be conducted online or in the convenience of your office premises for your staff and/or their family members during lunch or evening tea break, as part of your company staff wellness programme, or part of your companys annual health check-up event.

Over the years, a notable number of corporate organisations have benefited from our educational health talks and workshops. Do contact us for further discussion on how we might be able to assist you so that you and your staff continue to stay blessed with good health…always!!!

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